Jaguar E-Type
4.2 Roadster Serie 1
Bouwjaar: 1965
Kilometerstand: 2927
Transmissie: Handmatig
Brandstof: Benzine
Kenteken: DZ2009


Looptijd Leasetermijn
60 maanden: € 0.00
48 maanden: € 0.00
36 maanden: € 0.00


Jaguar E-Type

220.000,00 €




Angebot von Privat




NL 1871 CH Alkmaar

E-Type, Bj.1965, Kondition 1, von Fachwerkstatt komplett restauriert, € 220000,-, Information:, Standort Niederlande

A magnificent restored early Left-Hand Drive Jaguar 4.2.

Matching Numbers
A superb Nut and Bolt restored car.
The Jaguar E type Series 1 is a British Automobile Legend.
It was manufactured between 1961 and 1965.
It combined sensational looks and high performance.
Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car ever made.
Under the Jaguar series 1 is the Roadster 4.2 litre the absolute top.
The car was launched in October 1964 and the production stop in 1965.
Only 5887 cars with left hand drive were produced.
The car is left handed. It’s external appearance is original but some changes were made for improvements such as cooling and electric systems, alternator and adopting the industry standard of negative grounding for earth.
The car will be delivered with Dutch number plates. Export possibilities are available.
What did we do to get the best E-type ever!
Engine is fully stripped down and afterwards rebuild to a 9:1 compression engine.
The gearbox is a 5 speed rebuild Getrag.
Rear axle, fully rebuild.
New three pieces clutch and bearings.
SU Carburettors are fully rebuild.
New wiring looms.
New radiator (original).
All Clocks reconditioned.
All engine ancillaries replaced.
Entire braking system replaced.
New discs all-around
A full big bore stainless steel exhaust with original new manifold.
New interior with respect for the patina of seats.
New RVS wire wheels with new tires.
All Chrome work stripped and triple plated in Wales UK.
Interior fully retrimmed by BAS Connolly Hide.
Last but not least. With the car comes her total history included a photograph of the 1st owner which drove the car out of the Jaguar Dealer in Carmel California USA in 1965.
For the restoration of the car is documented on a photo-album, including all invoices.
When you want the best this is the opportunity to get it.
This Jaguar E-Type 4.2 litre is simply perfection and as such nothing more need be said as any more description is superfluous.
The car is better then the day it left the Jaguar factory.
Total Photoshoot is to be obtained by


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